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Facts and Figures

(RUB million) 20132014 2015
Balance sheet items
Total assets 1,379,0512,595,8633,363,551
Gross customer loans 912,1131,825,2262,657,058
Customer accounts(1) 829,1141,074,8051,262,571
Shareholders' equity 106,274131,228184,526
Total equity 139,357157,836216,035
Income statement items
Net interest income 40,72765,60549,918
Net fee and commission income 8,98813,19211,658
Total revenue 53,22167,08899,373
Net profit 17,3025,8826,614
Profitability & efficiency metrics (%)
Net interest margin
Cost/income ratio 41.354.844.4
Net fee and commission income/Total revenue 16.919.711.7
Liquidity ratios (%)
Net loans/Customer deposits(1) 106.0127.7100.9
Net loans/Total assets 63.868.876.3
Asset quality ratios (%)
NPL/Gross loans
Cost of risk
Provisions/Gross loans
Capitalisation ratios (%)
Tier 1 ratio 10.28.310.6
Total capital ratio 14.412.415.7
Corporate business  16.8k19.8k29k
Small business  141.5k139k163k
Retail business appr. 3.2 mlnappr. 3.2 mlnappr. 3.4 mln
Long-term ratings
Standard & Poor's BB- BB-
Moody’s Investor Service Ba3Ba3Ba3
Fitch Rating(3) BB- 


(1) Including PNs to clients.
(2) RoAE to Otkritie FC Bank equity holders.
(3) Starting from June 25, 2014 Otkritie FC Bank and Otkritie Bank discontinued co-operation with Fitch Ratings to ensure that all banks of the Otkritie FC Bank are rated on a uniform basis.