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NOMOS-BANK has established its debut U.S.$ 2,000,000,000 Euro-Commercial Paper Programme




NOMOS-BANK has established its debut U.S.$ 2,000,000,000 Euro-Commercial Paper Programme

NOMOS-BANK has established a euro-commercial papers (“ECP”) programme with a maximum aggregate amount of U.S.$ 2,000,000,000 or its equivalent in alternative currencies. The euro-commercial papers issued under the euro-commercial papers programme may be issued at a discount or may bear fixed or floating interest rate and will have maturities not exceeding 363 days from (and including) the date of ECP issue. The programme is not limited in time. The arranger under the programme is Citibank International Plc and the permanent dealers are Citibank International Plc and Otkritie Securities Limited.

According to Yuri Lekarev, Senior Vice-President of NOMOS-BANK, "The establishment of the euro-commercial paper programme is in line with our policy aimed at diversifying NOMOS-BANK's funding base. The euro-commercial paper programme will provide convenient and prompt access to further international liquidity sources in addition to such instruments as Eurobonds and syndicated lending which are already in use by NOMOS-BANK".

Euro-commercial paper is an alternative short-term financing instrument in the international money market (in addition to inter-bank lending).


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