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NOMOS-BANK has increased its authorized share capital to RUB 5.566 billion


NOMOS-BANK has increased its authorized share capital by 6.5%,  from RUB 5.226 billion to RUB 5.566 billion.

The authorized share capital was increased as part of the conversion of shares of two subsidiaries – NOMOS-BANK-Siberia and NOMOS-REGIOBANK –into NOMOS-BANK.

Two issuances of shares and reports on the total issuances of NOMOS-BANK shares of RUB 220.01 million and RUB 119.59 million were registered by the Bank of Russia on July 8, 2013. As part of the conversion 4,400,207 shares and 2,391,709 shares were issued at a par value of RUB 50 rubles each.

About Nomos

NOMOS is currently the sixth largest banking group in Russia by total assets and the second largest privately-owned Russian universal banking group with total assets of RUB 929.4 billion and equity of RUB 94.8 billion under IFRS accounts for the Three Months Ended 31 March 2013.

As at 31 March 2013, NOMOS had an extensive branch network in Russia with 300 offices in the economically important regions of the Russian Federation, with the majority of its business concentrated in Moscow, St Petersburg, Tyumen (including the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous district), the Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk regions.

NOMOS provides a full range of banking services to corporate, small business and retail clients. As at 31 March 2013, NOMOS served approximately 13,500 corporate customers, 81,900 small business clients and approximately 1.5m retail customers, including private banking clients.

NOMOS has long-term international credit ratings of BB from Fitch and Ba3 from Moody’s (stable outlook for both ratings).