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NOMOS-BANK OJSC, Gazprombank OJSC and REGION Broker Company LLC Arrange Placement of 40 bn Rouble Worth of Rosneft's BO-05 and BO-06 Series Rouble Bonds


On December 23, 2013 NOMOS-BANK, Gazprombank and REGION Broker Company have successfully completed the placement of Rosneft's BO-05 and BO-06 series rouble bonds for the total nominal value of 40 billion roubles with the maturity period of 10 years.  

The book for applications was open on 18 December 2013 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. At the opening of the book, the benchmark rate of the first coupon rate ranged from 7.95% to 8.25% annual, which corresponded to 8.11-8.42% annual yield.  As the book was being filled, the issuer narrowed down the benchmark coupon rate of the BO-05, BO-06 series bonds to 7.95% annual (8.11% annual yield). The total demand for BO-05, BO-06 series bonds exceeded the initial offering.

On 18 December 2013, based on the book closing results, the issuer set the interest rate of the first coupon at 7.95% annual. The rates of the 2nd to 10th coupon equal the rate of the first one, while the rates of the remaining ones are to be fixed by the Issuer in accordance with the issue documentation.

The offering provides for an early purchase of bonds at the request of their holders 5 years after the date of placement and at the price equalling 100% of the bonds nominal value.

The bonds placement took place on 23 December 2013 as a public subscription, using the MICEX trading system.

National Settlement Depositary will be the issue’s depositary while Gazprombank will act as a technical underwriter.