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NOMOS-BANK places BO-06 series bonds


On October 8, 2013 NOMOS-BANK and Otkritie Bank successfully completed the placement of NOMOS-BANK BO-06 series bonds with a total nominal value of RUB 7 billion maturing in 3 years. The issuer has been assigned BB- ratings by Fitch and Ba3 by Moody's.

The issue was placed in full. The order book was open on 3 and 4 October 2013. The benchmark rate for the first coupon with an open order book was in the range of 8.50%-8.75 % per annum.

The demand for BO-06 series bonds was more than RUB 10 billion within the specified price range. According to the the order book closing results on October 4, 2013, the issuer agrees to fix the interest rate of the first coupon of BO-06 bonds at 8.6 %, which corresponds to a yield 8.79% per annum. The interest rate of the second coupon is equal to the first coupon rate.

The issue provides for the early purchase of the bonds at the request of the owners after 1 year from the date of placement at a price equal to 100% of the bond nominal value.

The bond placement was held by public subscription using the MICEX trade and settlement systems. The issue depositary is National Settlement Depositary.

NOMOS-BANK BO-06 bonds are included in the MICEX “A1” quotation list. The BO-06 issue also meets requirements for inclusion in the Lombard list of the Central Bank of Russia.

The issuing syndicate of the release comprised the following members:

Organizers: NOMOS-BANK and Otkritie Bank.

Co-organizer: Moscow Credit Bank.

Underwriters: Globex Bank, KIT Finance, Eastern Express Bank, Veles Capital, Megatrustoil, Promsvyazbank.

Co-underwriters : AK BARS Bank, MOSSTROYEKONOMBANK, Bank Finservice,  RWM Capital, LOKO-Bank, Lanta-Bank, FDB Bank, BCS (IR), Prospect Investment Company, URALSIB.

At present, there are two issues in circulation of Bank bonds of classic series: 11 (RUB 5 billion) and 12 (RUB 5 billion) and five issues of bonds: BO-1 (RUB 5 billion), BO-O2 (RUB 5 billion), BO-03 (RUB 5 billion), BO-O5 (RUB 7 billion) and BO-06 (RUB 7 billion). All the Bank’s bond issues are traded on the MICEX Stock Exchange in the first-level "A" quotation list and included in the Lombard list and list of securities accepted as collateral for repo transactions by the Bank of Russia.

In addition to its Russian bonds, NOMOS-BANK has five Eurobonds in circulation totaling USD 2.05 billion. A senior issue of USD 400 million was placed October 2010 maturing 2013; a subordinated issue of USD 350 million was placed April 2010 maturing 2015; and a subordinated issue of USD 500 million was placed April 2012 maturing 2019; a senior issue of USD 500 million was posted in April 2013 maturing 2018; and a subordinated issue of USD 300 was placed December 2012 maturing 2019.