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NOMOS-BANK was voted best bank on the precious metals market for the seventh time in a row


NOMOS-BANK has been deemed Best Russian Bank on the precious metals market based on the results of its work in 2013. The Bank received this award at the Russian Bullion Awards 2013 ceremony for the seventh consecutive time, reaffirming its lead on the precious metals market in Russia.

NOMOS-BANK was also nominated for the Best Coin Dealer where it took second place.

A NOMOS-BANK employee was again voted Best Dealer on the domestic precious metals market with first place in the category going to Svetlana Lekareva, head of trading in financial markets at NOMOS-BANK. Third place went to Sergey Shilov, deputy director of operations with precious metals at NOMOS-BANK.

Over 450 professional market participants took part in the vote comprising specialists from Russian companies, banks and subsoil users, and foreign banks and partners. Participants of the voted listed their support for the top three winners in each category.

NOMOS-BANK ranks among the three leaders of the Russian precious metals market. NOMOS-BANK works with almost a third of gold mining companies in Russia. Over the first ten months of 2013, NOMOS-BANK purchased 425.6 tons of precious metals bullion, up 27.8 % on the same period, 2012. Specifically, NOMOS-BANK bought 78.6 tons of gold, up 35.3% on the same period, 2012. And purchases of silver were up 26.2 % in the first ten months of 2013 with the Bank purchasing 347 tons of metal. Total turnover on precious metals operations as of October 31, 2013, totaled around USD 24.8 billion, up 29.8 % on 2012.

NOMOS-BANK also continues lending to gold mining companies. Over the last fifteen years it has created a full cycle of financing to the sector, from the exploration and production of precious metals to processing and subsequent sale, including for export. The Bank not only uses its own funds, but also regularly attracts syndicated loans from foreign investors. In September 2013, NOMOS-BANK attracted the largest syndicated loan in its history of USD 240 million. This will be used to finance gold mining companies. This syndicated loan was the fifteenth for the Bank since 2001, when it first entered the syndicated loans market. The total value of syndicated loans actuated by NOMOS-BANK exceeds USD 5 billion, with nine of the syndicated loans being directed towards financing the gold mining industry.

NOMOS-BANK was the first Russian bank to launch a service that allows clients to trade in precious metals online, via its Internet bank NOMOS-Link. NOMOS-BANK customers can also open unallocated metal accounts using the NOMOS-Link mobile banking service.