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Otkritie FC Bank Has Made Coupon Payment on Series BO-06 Bonds


Otkritie FC Bank has made coupon three payment on series BO-06 bonds (Identification No. 4B020602209B dated 28 December 2011).

The bondholders have been paid RUB 57.34 per bond, the coupon rate being 11.50% p.a. The amount paid on coupon three totals RUB 688.08 million.

Currently, there is an outstanding issue of the Bank’s classic bonds (Series 12; RUB 5 billion) and five outstanding issues of exchange-traded bonds: Series BO-03 (RUB 10 billion), Series BO-05 (RUB 12 billion), Series BO-06 (RUB 12 billion), and Series BO-07 (RUB 5 billion). All of the Bank’s bond issues are traded on the MICEX Stock Exchange in the top-level quotation list and are also included in the Lombard List and the List of Securities Accepted as Collateral for Direct Repo Transactions by the Bank of Russia.

 In addition to its Russian bonds, Otkritie FC Bank has four outstanding Eurobonds issues, totalling USD 1.65 billion. A subordinated USD 350 million issue, maturing in 2015, was placed in April 2010; a subordinated USD 500 million issue maturing in 2019 was placed in April 2012; a senior USD 500 million issue maturing in 2018 was placed in April 2013; a subordinated USD 300 million issue maturing in 2019 was placed in December 2012.