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Otkritie FC Bank Has Set Coupons 3 and 4 on Series BO-04 Bonds at 15.50% p.a.


Otkritie FC Bank has set coupons 3 and 4 on Series BO-04 bonds (identification number 4B020402209B, dated 28 December 2011) at 15.50% p.a., with coupon payments payment being RUB 76.86 and RUB 78.14 per bond, respectively. The amount payable on coupon 3 and coupon 4 totals RUB 1,550 million.

The coupon 3 payment will be made on 28 August 2015; the coupon 4 payment, on 28 February 2016. Series BO-04 bonds, worth RUB 5 billion, were placed on 28 February 2014 at 100% of their nominal value; an additional issue worth RUB 5 billion was placed on 12 April 2014 at 99.32% of the bonds’ nominal value. The bonds will mature in three years.

Currently, one issue of the Bank’s classic bonds (Series 12; RUB 5 billion) and five exchange-traded bond issues are outstanding: Series BO-03 (RUB 10 billion), Series BO-04 (RUB 10 billion), Series BO-05 (RUB 12 billion), Series BO-06 (RUB 12 billion), and Series BO-07 (RUB 5 billion). All of the Bank’s bond issues are traded on the MICEX Stock Exchange in the top-level quotation list and included in the Lombard List and the List of Securities Accepted as Collateral for Direct Repo Transactions by the Bank of Russia (except Series BO-07 bonds).

In addition to its Russian bonds, Otkritie FC Bank has four outstanding Eurobond issues, totalling USD 1.65 billion. A subordinated USD 350 million issue, maturing in 2015, was placed in April 2010; a subordinated USD 500 million issue maturing in 2019 was placed in April 2012; a senior USD 500 million issue maturing in 2018 was placed in April 2013; a subordinated USD 300 million issue maturing in 2019 was placed in December 2012.