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Otkritie FC Bank Raised a USD 185 Million Syndicated Loan from International Investors

  • USD 185m one-year syndicated loan is the only one of its kind raised by Russian banks in 2015;
  • Consortium of 10 international banks from Europe, USA and Asia; and
  • Proceeds will be used to finance the Bank’s corporate clients in the Russian gold mining industry.


Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank (“Otkritie FC Bank” or “the Bank”) has raised a syndicated loan of USD 185 million from a consortium of 10 international banks. The loan will mature in one year with the option to extend it for another year; the interest rate is LIBOR+2.5% p.a. Proceeds will be used to provide financing to the Bank’s corporate clients in the Russian gold mining industry. The loan is unsecured with the foreign creditors willing to accept the direct risk associated with the provision of the loan to Otkritie FC Bank.

“This is the only syndicated loan raised by Russian banks in 2015,” said Managing Director, Head of International Business of Otkritie FC Bank Yuri Lekarev.

“The lenders are banks from Europe, the USA, and Asia, which demonstrates the high level of financial confidence that investors from these regions continue to have in Otkritie FC Bank. Importantly, the funds have been raised on the same terms and conditions as in autumn 2014, despite the deteriorated macroeconomic environment.”

The lenders are UniCredit (acting also as the coordinating bank), AKA Ausfuhrkredit-Gesellschaft mbH, Citi, Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft, Filiale Luxemburg, Credit Suisse, Harbin Bank, ING Bank, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Societe Generale Group. Commerzbank International S.A. is acting as the Facility Agent.

Otkritie FC Bank has a long-established history of raising international syndicated loans to finance the Russian gold mining industry. Since 2001, the Bank has negotiated 18 loans (including the one in question) totalling USD 2 billion. 12 syndicates have been established.