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Otkritie Financial Corporation Announces the Reorganisation and Rebranding of its Integrated Banking Business


Otkritie Financial Corporation announces the reorganisation of its integrated banking business and the introduction of a unified brand platform for all its businesses. These changes are being implemented as part of the process to create Russia’s largest full-service private financial group. By the end of Q2 2014, Otkritie Financial Corporation, the group’s parent company, will be renamed “Otkritie Holding” and the logo will remain unchanged.

Full integration of the Group’s banking businesses

Otkritie’s banking business, whose total assets exceed RUB 1.8 trillion, will develop through its two banks, each of which will focus on specific business lines.

The corporate and investment banking business will be developed as“Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank” (currently NOMOS-BANK) and in 2015 it will incorporate Bank Petrocommerce into its structure. The integrated bank will be headed by Dmitry Romayev who is currently thePresident of NOMOS-BANK.

The retail banking business will be developed as “KhMB Otkritie bank” and be set up in 2014 following Otkritie Bank’s fusion with the Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk. This integrated banking combination will become one of the largest players in the Russian market focused on providing banking services to retail customers and small businesses. The new KhMB Otkritie bank will continue operate under two brands: in Western Siberia it will retain its existing brand of the Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk which is widely recognized in this region. In all other territories of Russia the bank will operate under the brand of Otkritie Bank. Dmitry Mizgulin, the President and Chairman of the Management Board of KhMB (Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk) will be appointed as the combined bank’s President and Chairman of the Board of Directors. KhMB Otkritie bank’s Management Board will be chaired by Yevgeny Dankevich who is currently the Chairman of Otkritie Bank’s Management Board.

The investment company, Otkritie Securities Limited, will operate separately and continue to manage the Group’s corporate investment services. By the end of June 2014 it will be renamed “Otkritie Capital International” and will continue to operate under the “Открытие Капитал” brand in the Russian market and as “Otkritie Capital” in the international market.

Structure of the Group

Upon completion of the integration process, Otkritie’s business structure will be as follows:

∙ The parent company Otkritie Holding will hold a majority stake in Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank.

∙ Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank will in its turn hold a majority stake in KhMB Otkritie.

∙ During the integration process, each business will be gradually transferred according to each banks’ specialisation. The Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk corporate portfolios will be transferred to Otkritie FC bank, and Petrocommerce’s retail businesses – to KhMB Otkritie. This process will be implemented in phases to ensure smooth transitions for clients.


Following the renovation of the businesses, the corporate colours of the refreshed brands will illustrate its business focus. The companies operating in the retail sector – KhMB Otkritie (other than Western Siberia), Otkritie Broker, Otkritie Insurance, Otkritie Life Insurance, Otkritie Management Company – will all use Otkritie’s traditional blue colour. The brand logocolour of Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank and Otkritie Capital will bethe dark blue currently used by NOMOS-BANK.

About Otkritie Financial Corporation

Otkritie Financial Corporation is Russia’s largest private financial group by assets. The Corporation’s total assets are approx. RUB 2 trillion, with RUB 1.8 held in its banking business.

The Corporation’s group companies have been operating on the Russian market for over 20 years and are rated by the leading international rating agencies as BB- (Standard & Poor’s) and Ba3 (Moody’s). Over 20 thousand employees of the Corporation service 4 million private clients and 170 thousand corporate clients.

Otkritie is a full-service financial corporation offering private, corporate and institutional clients a wide range of banking, investment and insurance products.

Otkritie’s banking business ranks first among Russia’s largest private banks and fourth among Russian banking groups by size. The integrated chain of Otkritie banking group comprises approx. 1,000 offices and 4,000 ATMs in 60 key regions of the county.

* - The above figures are based on Otkritie banking group’s total assets, including Bank Petrocommerce (according to Interfax-CEA for the 1st quarter of 2014).