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Otkritie has launched an updated brand platform and renamed two entities in the Group


Otkritie has launched an updated brand platform and renamed two entities in the Group as part of the previously announced integration strategy. Otkritie Financial Corporation has been renamed Otkritie Holding, and NOMOS-BANK will henceforth be known as Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank Open Joint-Stock Company and will have a new logo. The corporate logo of Otkritie Holding will remain the same.

The rebranding is part of Otkritie’s integration strategy, which was announced in 2013. As part of the integration, Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank (foremely NOMOS-BANK) will serve corporate customers, while Otkritie Bank will focus on retail banking. The rebranding will create a strong individual brand for each entity, while emphasising that they are part of the same group.

There will be no need to re-execute any of the existing contracts or agreements due to the rebranding. All of the Otkritie FC Bank obligations will remain in full force and effect.

The new corporate style will be implemented in two phases. The first phase, completed on 1 July, involved re-designing the websites of the Group companies, as well as their respective printed materials and merchandise. Creative concepts for image-building and product promotion campaigns will also be developed in line with the new corporate style.

The second phase will involve aligning the company’s facilities and infrastructure to the new corporate style , i.e. office exteriors and interiors, ATMs, and terminals.

The rebranding is expected to be fully completed by the end of Q4, 2014.

The Bank's registered address has changed to 2/4, Letnikovskaya str., Moscow, 115114, the Russian Federation.

The Bank's website has changed to www.otkritiefc.com.

All key financial data, including financial statements, investors' presentations, latest news and press releases is available at the following address: ir.otkritiefc.ru/en/investor-relations.

The renaming and rebranding will not result in any changes to the existing form of incorporation, shareholders structure and top management team.

Should you have any questions or comments, please, contact the IR team of Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank.

Our IR e-mail address has changed from ir@nomos.ru to ir@ofcb.ru.