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Otkritie Holding Announces Changes in Its Shareholding Structure


Otkritie Holding, (“Otkritie” or “the Company”), Russia’s largest financial group by assets, announces that IFD Кapital Group has acquired a 19.9% stake in Otkritie as part of the additional RUB16 billion issue.

The change in Otkritie’s capital structure was planned in October 2013 as part of the strategic partnership between Otkritie and IFD Кapital Group. As part of the agreement, in 2014 Otkritie will acquire at least 95% of shares in Petrocommerce Bank.

Otkritie’s major shareholders currently include Vadim Belyaev (26.62%), IFD Kapital Group (19.9%) Ruben Aganbegyan (7.96%), ICT Group (14.01%), LUKOIL-GARANT Private Pension Fund (7.06%), Alexander Mamut (6.67%), and Sergey Gordeev (6.38).


At what price has IFD Kapital Group bought the stake?
The 19.9% stake was bought for RUB16 billion

Who else has bought shares under the additional issue?
As planned, all of the additionally issued shares were acquired by IFD Kapital Group.