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Otkritie Ranked No. 1 Among M&A Advisors in 2013


Otkritie Financial Corporation, Russia’s largest private financial group by assets, was ranked first in the table of Russia’s M&A advisors, based on the number of transactions advised. The ranking is prepared by the Mergers & Acquisitions Agency. In 2013, Otkritie successfully completed five M&A transactions on behalf of its clients. 

Otkritie FC is also ranked second in terms of the aggregate value of controlling stakes in transactions where it acted as a financial advisor. Otkritie has advised on deals valued at $1.63 billion. The Corporation is ranked third by the average transaction value, which stands at $325.8 million. 

In 2012, NOMOS-BANK, now part of Otkritie Financial Corporation, was ranked second in a similar rating of Russia’s M&A advisors based on the number of transactions. NOMOS-BANK was also ranked fourth based on the value of transactions and eight by the average transaction value. 

The Mergers & Acquisitions Agency’s ranking includes only transactions with an actual passage of control from one asset owner to another, and with at least $5 million in transaction value.